A Legacy of Love
by Maryann Margolies

Matthew at Jungle Habitat     Not a day passes, that I do not think of Matthew. It seems clear that his life ended as it began, with a struggle. However, it is his life that I have had to focus upon. I can see his smile and hear his laughter. I know his love, warmth and caring ways. God has shown His love and bestowed His blessing in choosing me to be Matthew's mother.

    I would like to thank each and everyone for their prayers, kind thoughts and continued support. May I take this opportunity to make a request? If you have read this, please take the time to tell a child how much you love him/her. Chase rainbows and if you can't find one then make it! (Ingredients: a little sun, a garden hose and some running water) The reward: FUN, LAUGHTER AND LOADS OF LOVE IN BEING TOGETHER!

Forever and always,

Matthew's Mom.

(You can E-Mail Maryann at Maryann@MatthewMargolies.com)
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