Matthew Margolies
"Greenwich's other Unsolved Murder."


With the holidays coming to an end and a New Year beginning, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who continue to show me and my family their support.

I have always been reluctant to identify individuals for fear of offending someone by omission or worse still, invading their privacy. At this time, however, I would like to take exception in acknowledging some who have extended themselves in many ways.
  • Rev. Albert McGoldrick and the congregation of St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church in Greenwich. My family and I were greatly moved by the offering of a Mass on Christmas Eve for the intention of my father and son, Matthew. It was a beautiful Mass and I know they would have been very pleased. The love, warmth and caring were palpable within the church. There was a strong sense of being home.
  • Kevin McMurray who initiated public interest by his article in Connecticut Magazine. Included is his friend who has become a friend to us however prefers to maintain his anonymity.
  • The Greenwich Time for their endeavors in pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Joe Johnson, Jr. for his reporting of information resulting from the Freedom of Information Act. He has exhibited the highest level of professionalism and respect toward my family.
  • Tom Williams, Attny. for his expertise, patience and understanding.
  • Tom Alessi, Web Master, for his continued support and giving unselfishly of his time and talent in initiating and maintaining this site.
  • The Greenwich Police Department for their continued efforts.
  • To all those who have given of themselves, whether it be by a caring word, time, effort or prayers, I and my family thank you.
We wish each and everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.
May God bestow his blessings upon all.

Forever and always,
Matthew's Mom (Maryann Margolies)