Matthew Margolies
"Greenwich's other Unsolved Murder."
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In his book "Greentown" the author, and former Greenwich resident makes the following observations on the Matthew Margolies case.

... It had been nearly nine years since the murder of Martha Moxley. And here was another slain child. He had the same initials. You might have taken it for a reminder or a haunting.

Matthew Margolies had been stabbed many times and also asphyxiated. The murderer appeared to have had a sexually motivated torment in mind and taken it way too far - farther than he had planned. The boy's white gym shorts were stripped off, but as with Martha, the medical examiner found no solid evidence of sexual assault. The next day police found the murder weapon amid the leaves: a ten-inch kitchen knife with a wooden handle. Tom Keegan, now chief of police, announced, "There's a killer on the loose," and the village of Glenville closed in upon itself.